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Join Our National Board at Silba: Positions Available

Are you looking to make a difference and contribute to meaningful initiatives? Silba is currently seeking dedicated individuals to join our team in key positions: Financial Manager, two Non-Executive National Board members, and two Deputy National Board members. The application deadline is February 2nd, 2024, at 21:00 (GMT+1). If you have any additional questions about the positions or the application process and you cannot find it on this page below, write to Emma Klint Hansen at

If you're passionate about our mission and want to apply for any of these positions, please fill out the form by pressing the button below. We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming you to our team at Silba. The final decisions will be made in week 7.

Note: all positions in Silba are currently voluntary.

Why Join Silba?

Make an Impact: Engage in promoting dialogue and supporting democratic participation and civil society development.

Develop Skills: Gain valuable experience, expand your network, and foster personal and professional growth.

Find Purpose and Community: Be part of a like-minded community striving for change and growth.

Financial Manager 

As Silba's Financial Manager, you will be key in overseeing and improving our financial processes and structures. Your responsibilities include:

  • Managing Silba's financial operations.

  • Attending monthly board meetings and actively engaging in discussions.

  • Attending Executive board meetings twice a month (online).

  • Collaborating with the team to meet strategic goals.

While experience within the financial sphere is advantageous, at Silba, we prioritise a strong motivation to contribute and make a difference. Key qualifications and attributes for the Financial Manager position include:

  • Demonstrated understanding of financial operations.

  • Strong organisational and strategic planning skills.

  • Ability to collaborate effectively within a team.

  • Motivation and passion for Silba's mission and goals.

  • Commitment to actively contribute to discussions and decision-making processes.

Non-Executive National Board members

We are searching for individuals passionate about contributing to organisational governance. Non-executive board members will offer valuable insights and guidance. Responsibilities include:

  • Active participation in monthly board meetings.

  • Collaborating with fellow board members to achieve strategic objectives.

For the role of Non-Executive Board Members, specific qualifications aren't mandatory. We value individuals who bring diverse perspectives and a commitment to supporting Silba's mission. Key attributes include:

  • A willingness to actively engage in board discussions.

  • Willingness to offer expertise and insights and support the organisation's growth.

  • Enthusiasm and dedication to contribute to organisational governance.

  • Ability to collaborate and work effectively within a team.

Deputy Members of the National Board

Join as a Deputy Member to support the main board in times of absence. Your responsibilities include:

  • Actively participating in board meetings when necessary.

  • Providing expertise, networks, and insights to propel Silba's growth.

Similarly, Deputy Members are crucial substitutes within the board. While specific qualifications aren't mandatory, a willingness to contribute and engage is essential. Key attributes include:

  • Availability to participate in board meetings as a substitute when required.

  • Willingness to offer expertise and insights, and support the organisation's growth.

  • Commitment to actively contribute to discussions and decision-making processes.

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