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We take initiative to make an impact 

on international dialogue and democracy


We want to be a worldwide voice

and watchdog of democracy


Value Compass






Values in practice


We are a community with local roots and global reach!


Silba is a cross-political and cross-cultural community built on pillars of mutual trust. We are an inclusive community where everyone should have a sense of belonging despite our diversities. We believe that a supportive collective will motivate more individuals to speak up for their beliefs. Finally, we believe a strong community will encourage more young people to engage in a greater cause.


We take initiative to make an impact!  

We are curious and constructive. Our organization is a facilitator of ideas with projects at local, national, and international level. We encourage civic engagement and push personal growth with capacity building. We are willing to ask for help and always willing to provide a helping hand. We are ambitious and not afraid to take risks. Finally, failure is fine – we simply view it as an invitation to rethink an initiative. 


We do dialogue! 

We are diplomatic and seek to avoid cultural prejudice and communicative misunderstandings. We show mutual respect and understanding despite personal differences and political disagreements. There is no universal truth and nobody has all the answers, so in stead we actively listen and welcome different views. We value openness and honesty. Finally, we believe that communication can create action.  


We do democracy!

Democracy is interlinked with diversity and transparency. We ensure a free and fair process for decision making where all members of our community have a choice and a voice that count. None of us control the outcome but we respect a majority vote. There is no universal definition of democracy but we use a democratic toolbox for all initiatives. Finally, we believe in the value of liberty and a strong civil society. 

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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