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In Silba Roskilde, we are working on engaging students and young professionals in democratic dialogue for democracy by creating awareness of the different democracies around the globe, while  providing access to join the community of like-minded people. We offer opportunities to join Election Observation Missions (EOMs) as officially accredited Short Term Election Observers. Also, we regularly facilitate social and academic events about elections and democracy overall. If that sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate to contact us – we are continually looking for new members that want to join our growing community here in Roskilde.

Board Members


Sebastian Pinstrup Jørgensen

Vice President

Ciara Niamh O‘Shea


Laura Nikoline Ægidius

Board Members

Albert Henriques

Filippa Katona Winther

Isabel García

Jaime Rapée Dyg

Joakin Kirkegaard Genz

Mathias Flores

Oliver Pedersen

Sara Ileyda Cetin

Sihaam Ali

Sofia Sanchez Rodriguez

Tom Körner

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