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Youth Project in Georgia



EXPLORE GEORGIA is a newly initiated collaborative project in the Samegrelo region in Georgia. We are still in the very first stages of the project. However, the overall aim is to establish a partnership with an NGO in Georgia and then launch a long-term project aiming to support internally displaced youths in Georgia.

It is estimated that the Abkhaz-Georgian conflict in the 1990s and the Russo-Georgian war in 2008, has displaced more than 300.000 Georgians. Consequently, many IDPs are facing heavy marginalization, poverty, and uncertainty. In October 2021, we completed a very successful partner identification trip to Georgia and are now in the process of establishing partnerships and setting up the framework for a future youth project, which will be operating in the border region between Georgia and Abkhazia.

Sponsor: New Democracy Fund

Photo by Giorgi Gvilva on Unsplash

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