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Montenegro EOM, 2023 April


Apply to become a coordinator at Silba’s Election Observation Mission in Montenegro! 


Silba is planning its short-term Election Observation Mission (EOM) to the April 2023 presidential elections. As a coordinator, you will be a part of the team organizing and managing the EOM, which is expected to have around 25 observers. We do not yet know the exact date of the elections. However, the EOM will take place for around a week leading up to the elections and the days after. You will furthermore be expected to attend meetings and plan the mission up until April.


We are looking for a logistics, a press, and a financial coordinator:


The logistical coordinator will be organizing the logistics of the EOM in terms of accommodation, planning of the program, recruitment of translators, and cooperation with external partners.

The press coordinator will be in charge of relations with both national and international press, and social media during the mission.


The financial coordinator will make and manage the budget, and keep track of expenses. 

Furthermore, there will be ad hoc tasks before and during the EOM. In the coordinator team, there will also be a main coordinator, who has already been recruited.


To apply, please send your cover letter (maximum 1 page) and your CV to no later than the 16th of January 2023. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact the same email. 


Roles of the Team

Head Coordinator

The Head Coordinator has the general overview of the EOM, establishes contact with speakers and cooperates with local partner organizations, and is responsible for the general contact with the participants. Alongside that, the Head Coordinator is responsible for the monitoring of observer teams on Election Day and is also responsible for drafting our EOM report.

Press Coordinator

The tasks of the Press Officer are primarily to have a strategy for communication outreach for Silba before, during and after the EOM. This entails communicating with local and international media in order to get as much awareness and outreach as possible for Silba’s activities during the mission and on Election Day. It also entails keeping an active online presence for Silba. Skills and experience in communication and media are desired in this position!

Financial Coordinator

The Financial Coordinator is responsible for the financial part of the EOM, which means having a general overview of the budget, its planning and communication to the rest of the team. During the mission, the role entails making sure the mission stays on budget by keeping track of expenses, and being responsible for all transactions. Experience with accounting or a flair for numbers is sought after in this position!

Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator is tasked with all issues related to the logistical operations of an EOM. He or she locates and leases suitable office premises, equipment, communications facilities and also identifies options for accommodation. Speaking the local language, experience with security and the country/capital are competences highly valued in this position!

There are additional ad-hoc tasks within the above positions, which in most cases will require teamwork between the different coordinators. Teamwork skills are a necessity for all positions.


The workload will be substantial in the weeks before the EOM as well as during the program, which you should be prepared for before applying. We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding the positions or the tasks in relation to the EOM.

Note: Silba reserves the right to cancel the EOM in case of safety issues at any time. Silba's safety assessment is based on information from open sources and the Danish foreign ministry's travel advice. 

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

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